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Caring for fabrics flax

This fabric is very smooth with a matte sheen. Len little dirty, crumbling in sections. Easily absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It is also hygroscopic fabric, so it is ideal for wet hot weather. This fabric is very durable, and the wet linen is even more durable than dry. Len more solid and rigid than cotton. Wrinkled, but not as much as cotton. Hemp is resistant to boiling. But colored cloth should be washed at 60 ° C, a coated - at 40 ° C and a delicate cycle of washing. If you wash it in the car, the linen can be washed universal detergent for unbleached and colored linen better to take Pulver aphid delicate fabrics without otbelivatey. During drying in a drying flax memory device can be seated. Stroking the linen is always with moisture and at the highest temperature.


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